Miniature Christmas Village

 I'd like to share another side of what I do that's lots of fun for me.  This is one of the miniature Christmas villages I've made. 

Part of the fun of it is making a natural landscape with a town full of shops, a school, a church and houses off in the hills all set with trees and rivers and bridges.

Of course the houses all light up.  Even the town Christmas tree.  

A large part of the fun for me is designing the buildings.  There are 57 so far.  The styles range from Tudor half timber to alpine rock houses and American Western designs.  They are all available individually.

The Lighted Tree is one of my newest pieces: 7/8" high. $50.00
I'll post my newest creations here as I design them.

New Buildings as of 2011
 Left to Right:

General Store: 3/4" high , $ 57.00
 Flemish Farm House:  7/8", $50.00
 Log House:  3/4", $43.00

 Left to Right:

Saltbox House:  3/4" high,  $40.00
 Victorian Cottage: 5/8" , $50.00

Shoe Cottage: 1" high, $50.00