Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Castle Room

 This is my latest attempt at something new.  I coated a wooden room box kit with paper clay textured like stone walls to create this Castle Room.  I'll dress an ancient sorceress in white and grey.  Todd Krueger is making some figures and gargoyles and supplying a table full of books and other sorceress tools to complete the scene.

The detail shows one of the wonderful wall torches made by a British artisan and the bat detail under the gargoyle's lair ledge.

This piece will be shown at the Chicago International Show next month.


  1. It's amazing! I loved the bat.

  2. The room box shows how many-sided you are,it's brilliant.I love the idea with the sculpted tree in the niche .Jeannette

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Sylvia! Wow! Love the details, and that bat is very nifty. Nice!!!

  4. wonderful!! will there be a sorcerer or sorceress that will live there?

  5. I love this piece, it looks like it could be a miniature set prop from the Harry Potter movies!

    tiny miniature stones for making castles